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13th June 2019,

The Gower Conference Suite, Liberty Stadium, Swansea

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Unlocking the Potential of Inter-professional Relationships.


How many of us participate in multidisciplinary meetings on a regular basis and yet come away with the feeling that we didn’t quite unlock the true potential of our time together?

How many hope the MDT will solve all the problems, give us the answers and tie everything up nicely – and yet exit the meeting feeling like we’re in Groundhog Day?

How many know how housing law impacts our patients, or how support from 3rd Sector organisations can be accessed? Who feels that their agency has more to offer if only your role was understood  more?

Working with our patients, families, agencies and partners across our Multi Agency Services needs all of us to utilise our time together effectively and cohesively, ensuring our patients have access to all possible support avenues and opportunities

Our partner agencies’ knowledge, experience, wisdom and insight is incredible – and yet it is so difficult to articulate, plan, agree and sign off actions together in a short space of time, whilst caring for and working with a complex case load.

Our last 2 events have concentrated on who our patient group are, and the need for a more in-depth understanding of their complex needs (service, psychological and emotional) based on Unconditional Positive Regard for the patient.   

This event will enable delegates to:


  • Understand the roles of partner agencies

  • Unpick the barriers to smooth transitions of care phases

  • Explore care planning from different perspectives

  • Hear first-hand experiences of running complex MDTs

  • Analyse the creation of care plans and risk assessments

  • Explore ritual dissent


Sessions will include:

  • MDT workshops – including MDT development, ritual dissent and how to “hand the baton over” between specialities

  • Goal planning – understanding other’s aspirations – what does a good goal/care plan look like?

  • How to close a case - how do we know that we no longer need to work with this patient? What needs to be in place for agencies to feel able to withdraw acute support?


This event is open for professionals from all sectors working with patients who frequently use Unscheduled or Emergency Care Services


Venue Details

Liberty Stadium,




01792 616400

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