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The 'Making a Difference: Investing in Sustainable Health and Well-being for the People of Wales' report offers research evidence and expert opinion in support of preventing ill health and reducing inequalities to achieve a sustainable economy, thriving society and optimum health and well-being for the present and future generations in Wales.

The ‘Making prudent healthcare happen’ resource has been designed to explain some of the key concepts behind prudent healthcare. It captures perspectives of those working in or using health and social care services in Wales about what prudent healthcare means to them and its potential for Wales.

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act came into force on 6 April 2016.

The Act provides the legal framework for improving the well-being of people who need care and support, and carers who need support, and for transforming social services in Wales.

The Well-being of Future Generations Act requires public bodies in Wales to think about the long-term impact of their decisions, to work better with people, communities and each other, and to prevent persistent problems such as poverty, health inequalities and climate change.

The Act is unique to Wales attracting interest from countries across the world as it offers a huge opportunity to make a long-lasting, positive change to current and future generations.

The key elements of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act which relate to health or the provision of healthcare are set out in this document

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